For submissions of literary texts translated into English from a non-English source language; poetry, prose, and drama are all welcome. Works longer than 5,000 words will be considered for stand-alone publication.

Include both the source text and the translation. PDF scans of the original text is acceptable. Translators should include a statement indicating the rights status of the original texts. 

In keeping with the mission highlighted in our title ("A journal of and on translation"), we welcome essays and articles on any aspect of translation: commentaries on specific works, historical surveys, theoretical explorations, appreciative essays, and so on. Works longer than 5,000 words may be considered for stand-alone publication.

The editors depend upon fair use guidelines to judge whether quoted material may be reprinted. Please take this into consideration when submitting; if your essay makes use of quoted material that goes beyond fair use guidelines, we may reject it on those grounds.

Pusteblume’s quarterly microreviews column aims to highlight books in English translation published in the past—or forthcoming—eight months. These short reviews (200-300 words) are not expected to encompass fully the book’s plot, craft, or themes, but are meant to provide a brief introduction to new and noteworthy works of translation. 

Use this form to submit a written microreview. Longer reviews should be submitted under the "Essays" category. 

To pitch a microreview directly to our reviews editor, please write to the editors at